Click on any photo to visit Laura's MYC site and find out more info!

Click on any photo to visit Laura's MYC site and find out more info!


SEPTEMBER 2019 Registration now open!

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Hi!  I'm Laura Roddick

I am absolutely thrilled to be a part of the "Music for Young Children", "MYC" program!
I have been teaching private music lessons between Ontario and Saskatchewan for over 17 years and no matter where I have taught, I have always been blown away at the vast knowledge and experience that previous "Music for Young Children" students bring with them when moving on to private lessons.  It is always an absolute pleasure to teach these children.  They progress at a much faster pace and therefore enjoy the success of their continuous personal achievements as a result.  It is absolutely incredible what you can teach children at such a young age.  I honestly had no idea (until I began to dig deeper into the history of the program) how these children, who were coming to me from MYC, were able to learn and retain so much information.   What I found is that years of research has gone into studying the complexity of children's minds and the effectiveness of various learning patterns and techniques in order to put together a strategically laid out method that is taught in a fun and exciting manner.  It is very easy for children to relate to! 
It is for these reasons that I wanted to be a part of this initial learning system!  I hope that you will consider giving this wonderful gift of learning to your child!  It is a unique and special bonding experience that the two of you will get to share!
Please visit my Music For Young Children page, for specific information on MYC classes offered, times and other details.